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Student Testimonial

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Why did you choose Manchester Codes?

Prior to studying with Manchester Codes, I was teaching myself JavaScript via Code School & online platforms. However with self-study I found there was a very steep learning curve. It was easy to become confused by all the jargon and there was no one to answer any of my questions. The lead instructor at Manchester Codes (Joe) was able to better explain various aspects of JavaScript, answer my questions and give individual feedback on my code. By studying with Manchester Codes, I was able to learn quicker and know the best industry practices. Joe, being a working developer, showed me how JavaScript is implemented in a working environment (using GitHub, user stories, agile workflow etc).

Would you say the course is good value for money?

I looked at a number of coding classes, however all the ones I found were too expensive. The most expensive course I found was £500 for one day! Manchester Codes in comparison is a bargain: six months of learning, two classes a week. There were also various perks, such as an Amazon Alexa, Google certification exam being paid for and the odd coding challenge whereby it was possible to win Amazon vouchers. A lot of after support was also offered, whereby we could still gain access to the course’s learning materials. We also had visits from industry professionals who gave us advice on how to apply for jobs. With the knowledge and support Manchester Codes offers I would have thought this course would cost a lot more.

What did you like most about the course?

The best thing about Manchester Codes is the feeling of accomplishment you get when the new knowledge finally sinks in. The course is very challenging – I went from a near beginner to tackling some very advance code. At times I felt like my head was going to explode and I was never going to get better at coding. However with the help and teachings of Manchester Codes and by sticking to the courses curriculum I was able to get a better grasp on all aspects.

What was your favourite project and why?

The best project for me was one of the first ones we did: setting up a API. We made a GET request to an API to produce a live currency converter. I’d heard of APIs before starting the course, however always found them too complicated and confusing to set up. The teacher at Manchester Codes made implementing an API seem easy. When seeing the finished working currency converter, I also realised how powerful backend coding is and how this would allow me to widen my skill base and gain better employment in the future.

What part of the course did you find the most challenging?

Test Driven Development was very challenging for me – writing code that failed a test before you’d even started writing the code! Of course the main challenge is learning all the coding syntax. Learning that everything in JavaScript is an object and you’re basically using code to manipulate those objects into interacting with one another. When I thought I’d mastered certain syntax, such as writing functions, I was then introduced to newer/simpler way of writing the same thing. Coding syntax is like learning a new language, I’m pleased I studied at Manchester Codes as it’s always easier learning from someone who’s already capable of doing what you’re trying to do!

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of applying?

Stick with it and do as much as the homework as you can! At times I thought I was REALLY bad at coding and I was never going to get to grips with anything the course was teaching me. However I then realised that even when I was totally confused I was still actually learning, getting better than before. When I got to the more complicated concepts, towards the end of the course, I realised that all the complicated coding was making me better at the less complicated coding. This lead to my coding skills improving even when I felt like giving up.

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